Summer Fun?

We have an old, aluminum canoe which is very heavy. I wanted to get a lighter one which would be easier for Glenn to lift onto the truck. Although we have large wheels to go under it for transporting it, it still is heavy. I saw in Cabin Life that there was a nice, red canoe for about $700. and went online for the cheapest store. I could get this for $599. elsewhere.

Glenn only paid $175. for it a couple of years ago from an ad online. It does have a dent on the underside of the bow, but doesn’t affect what we use it for.  It is NOT red but a dull, aluminum color.  The new one would be 86 lbs. He offered to paint it red for me as I wanted it to look like the custom sign I had made for the cabin with a red one.  No, I didn’t want that.

We had a debate going on between us as to the weight of the aluminum one, which is the same length as the new one. So we struck a deal: if I was right that the old one was over 86lbs., we’d get the one that I wanted. If Glenn was right that it was less than the new one, we’d not get any.

How do we weigh it? We thought about taking the bathroom digital scale out and using that and that proved to be a little bit of a problem. It seemed that the numbers were not visible in the daylight. Waiting until dusk, we set the scale on the level brick walk and Glenn put the 15-foot canoe on it and balanced it. It was 76 lbs. I could not believe that so we did it several times. Still 76 lbs.

Glenn was right! (one of the few times…ha ha…) He knows his camping stuff and I know now that whatever he says with regards to this is going to be right. I’ll trust him. He has the experience and even built his own fiberglass kayak in the 1980’s. Glenn has been to the Grand Canyon kayaking as few times, too, as well as all over the country.

That was fun, really, and I’m glad we found out. The old, aluminum one is just as good for us anyway…


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7 Responses to Summer Fun?

  1. Marci says:

    Cute story!!

  2. Laurel says:

    Sue, you are a wonderful writer! Too bad you didn’t get the red canoe, though!!

    • Yes, that would have been neat!! I’m glad someone agrees with me…But I got the expensive trike instead! It came Tues. and we finished putting all on yesterday. Glenn put it together in garage and in all that heat, too. I’ll get pix when I look better for a photo and not in garden clothes! Water too low to canoe now…

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