Mother’s Day 2012

Mother’s Day 2012
This year I decided to take it easy for Mother’s Day. I guess that is what Mothers should do but many years I have much to do. The weather this year was just wonderful at near 80 degrees and very little wind. We gave the 4 dogs baths then they got their first brushing.
For their baths, we have a Little Tykes pool and umbrella that I got last year. Since the corgis are dwarves with short legs, it is really easy for them to step in over the edges vs. the regular kiddie pool that we had before. I don’t have to lift them like the bath tub indoors either. Great idea that I had!
After all of this, I went to the Cabin and the Lost Lake in Camp Rest-A-While. My daughter and son-in-law came and we enjoyed the weather. I would have been one of the best Mother’s Days except when one of the dogs, Corky, escaped the gate and ran around bothering 2 of the other dogs. Then he got into a fight with his half-sister and both cut their faces. No stitches needed but they have sores now. All that after a nice bath and relaxation.
Still, it was a nice day. Glenn and I had a hoagie on the deck for dinner instead of going out to eat (and waiting in all those lines at restaurants) or eating in the kitchen. It was just so nice on the deck by the Lost Lake with all the flowers open for May.


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2 Responses to Mother’s Day 2012

  1. Diane happ says:

    Glad you had a nice Mother’s day..the weather was perfect!

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