Is It Summer?

The past few weeks of warmer than usual temperatures have had the country wondering. Here on the East Coast we had near 80 degrees the past two days.  We had to make the most of the weather and had a nice BBQ in the fire pit this afternoon.


I took these with my cell phone so they are not the best quality but you can see our fire going and glowing! When the wood (maple) fire died down to cooking quality, I put on the chicken with the BBQ sauce, potatoes (in the coals of the wood) and the onions in the frying pan. I just had a taste for the fried onions, which I have not  had in a couple of years.

When this chicken was done, I put that on top of the fried onions, added the remaining sauce from the foil, and put the pan on the table on the deck. I retrieved the potatoes from the coals- nice and brown- and then put the coffee pot on.

One of my camp cooking books has how to make Cowboy coffee and it is just great.  In the black enamel pot I put the water (no basket inside pot) and the right amount of coffee and boil. When it’s ready I put a cup of cold water in the top and that makes the grinds go to the bottom!

Glenn brought out a nice salad and we had dinner on the deck at The Lost Lake in Camp-Rest-A-While. He loved it and so did I. It does take a bit of practice as cooking over firewood is different than a grill of charcoal or gas. There is no temperature regulation.

The books that I have are very good and helped me to learn many things. I have to do the camp baking yet but I won’t be using the heavy cast iron pots. They are just too heavy for me to lift. The next thing that I’d like to cook, using my 5-in-one enamel pot, is steamed clams, corn on the cob… well, I’ll take a picture. I cook all that in layers in one pot!

It’s still March and the corn is not planted in the veggie plots yet but we’ll get there. Tomorrow it will be 56 degrees high…it is back to normal spring temperatures for the coming week. We are to get much needed rain for 2 days and that will help the peas, carrots, and radishes grow.

At least I feel satisfied that we took advantage of the weather- oh! What fun!  I forgot to take a picture of the food on the table…next time.


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  1. Wendy Labosh says:

    Very nice Sue and Glen:)


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