What’s New in 2012



Here it is, the “Spring of 2012″ in February. We have such warm weather that the plants don’t know it is still winter.  Glenn cut some daffodils for the table last week. I plan to get going slowly so that I don’t have too much pain from all the work at once. The 4 dogs want to be outside and I don’t blame them. It is hard for me some days to do that but I am trying to adhere more to the Arthritis Foundations idea,”Keep moving!” and Michelle Obama’s slogan, “Get moving.”


We are making huge progress in reorganizing our house from all the stuff we had to bring in after moving things form Mom’s house. Much has been donated, given to relatives and friends, and stored in huge tubs in the basement. At least we can go through things more at our leisure now rather than have to spend all of our time on this project. Along with that, we are starting to feel more relaxed recently with the garage cleaned and much back to ‘normal’ in routines.


Our 4 dogs have gone through much last year but so far this year, we are just doing the ‘old age’ things for them. this means more supplements, medicines, and trips to the vet’s but NO surgeries or major issues yet. Mr. Eskimo’s cancer blood test recently came out great. We love them all and they are like children to us. They do make us relaxed and comfy-especially when it’s cold.


Faith. My faith is still strong and gets me though each day. without God in my life, I could not make it with the pain, frustration that is with me daily.  As many of you know, I have to use a walker now, as well as, a cane. I can’t do what I want and go where I want many times. BUT- I forge on! I thank God daily for what I DO have and He gives me the strength to do what I can.

Our Pastor retired last June (2011) and I found not having him here was hard. I had no one to really talk to with regards to many things in life. BUT- I am happy for him and his wife as they are beginning a new life in Christ with new work to do!

By putting my mind on others, the pain is not so noticeable. I am doing this year MORE with some new things. I’ve joined groups and get blogs and communicate with others on things that interest me, for people who need to hear about the Love of God through Christ, and for people who truly need the compassion that I can give with Christ’s love.

Though this is keeping me busier than I thought, I feel good about talking more with others. This year the concerns that I have are many and so my Prayer List is  MUCH longer.

That’s the news for now. I’m going to add some pictures here so you can see some of the beautiful things we have been blessed with…when I can get them to attach!


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