It’s been a while…

…since I last posted. Many things have happened in my life. The most shocking was Mom’s passing. It was untimely and unexpected.
Mom was always active. Traveling around the world, still working, and still driving,etc. She was 87 and we all thought of her as in her 60’s, I guess. Mom didn’t seem to really age and always had something to do.

I visited the grave today, and , after nearly of month, the reality of her there and gone set in. Perhaps because I’ve been so busy with the estate details that kept me occupied, I’ve put off grief…until today.

Mom had an accident at home, falling with a glass in her hand. She must have passed out and was found by my husband, Glenn, the next day. He said tonight, that it does still bother him that he found her but he is glad that it was him and not Bob or me. For that I will always be grateful to him for.

In time we’ll move on with life but for now it is fresh and it hurts…


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