Looking Forward to 2011


Here is what I love-fun with Glenn and the furkids.

Looking forward…

There’s no other way to look and walk at the same time! One can’t look backwards and walk safely, let alone drive safely…

We are looking forward to Spring and all of us in the gardens again. When we get out there, we feel as if it was a continuing of last season. I’m hoping that the disastrous season of 2010 with the heat and drought will not repeat itself this year! All of our grass died and we have much to replace.

We are looking forward to relaxation. Now that the deck is finished and most of the Lost Lake is redone, we all are waiting to get the lilies in the water and the large fish.

We are looking forward to a new Potting Shed. We have the Historic  Preservation approval and we can get started in replacing the glasshouse that was torn down last year. I will actually be able to start my plants again.



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