Reading the magazine and about the many people who have a cabin or cottage on another property, I got to thinking that perhaps someday this could actually be a reality for us, too. We could buy the exact same cabin again and we’d know just how we want to live in it, etc. as the practice was done here in our DAY CABIN. We just have to wait to find the right place for this. Actually, we are halfway there if we already have had the experience.

Now back to reality here, we are almost ready to do the relining of the Lost Lake. The small porch was unable to be built due to the low pitch of the cabin (and I will make note of that for a future cabin). We are having a deck built instead which reaches to the edge of the Lost Lake with random-cut board ends. This is the same as the bridge boards.
It was one of the ideas inspired by a magazine picture of a small summerhouse (English term for a small house away from the house) used as a studio. The random-cut edges of the boards were inspired by the bridge, which I saw at a tree farm over a small creek.

Collecting all these ideas and putting them together sometimes requires changes and more changes as a better idea is found. This is gardening and designing is all about and nothing is static. I have a stream and mill idea, to add behind the waterfall, to make it all connected. The mill will be a miniature but at a distance away so that it really appears even further away. This is fun and we find it so relaxing to enjoy the ‘back 40’ of the property. It is even a real hike back to the house.

As the cabin is over 100-feet away (haven’t measured yet) it is far if we have an emergency run. That instituted a few changes itself. This year we have a portable…
Then there are other trial and error things that I’ve done back there with the inside and arranging the items for the annual yard sale in the Village, along with my Christmas greens sale in Dec. This year, too, we had mice. MICE! We had to make more repairs and changes with that.

The other side of the coin is that we stay here as planned and don’t get another property for a cabin. We can use our experiences to rent a cabin for a week or two and enjoy a different area each time. We also won’t have the land, taxes, maintenance, security, and insurance to take care. I am leaning more on that idea so that we can take a vacation together with all of the dogs.

This is the more possible and practical route so I’ll be planning and searching for a suitable cabin to rent. The cooking and living in a cabin will have been all sorted out and we can just go and enjoy ourselves-fishing, canoeing, being together, and having a good time of it all.

It won’t be the end of the story this year but the beginning of a new chapter on living in the great outdoors. We’ll have a fire pit and I’ve new camp cookbooks. After experimenting with this, I’ll have a real cookout next spring and we’ll hone in on the best methods and recipes.


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