The Day Cabin

A cabin or cottage in the woods, on the mountain, and near a lake…

Of course, everyone has a dream of a vacation home. While most never see fruition, some do. Others have the idea to rent a cabin in a different place each time. There’s a process; it’s planning, searching, finding, and doing. Then there is what we did-practice first with what we have and see how it works as we enjoy our home and gardens.

I didn’t start out with that in mind but a work space for floral and plant materials, a drying shed, and a sometimes sales shop with yard sales. It evolved into more camp living as we used it and spent more time in the camp. Initially, the idea was for us to reminisce about our youth spent outdoors and camping. I picked the name beforehand and off the top of my head as, “Camp Rest-a-While”.

Later my late father told me that when he went camping as a boy, one of the other camp sites had a sign with that name. He had a picture to prove it. Amazing how I just picked that name. We the got the cabin delivered and stained the inside in pale green with a white-washed, aged look. Essentially, I wanted a cottage in the woods with the cottage theme but the cabin theme evolved with the use and the articles are rather mixed inside. I have cabin and cottage items and furniture so I guess I can call it both.

When Glenn and I met, we travelled locally and far and walked in many parks and forests together. We are outdoors people- I, the gardener, and he, the outdoorsman. Our interests became intertwined after time so that I was canoeing and he was gardening and we were sharing much of the same pleasures.

Then in recent years, it became more apparent that the needs of the cabin area and uses had to be refined as we spent a great amount of time there away from the house. It became the lace to sit for us and a place to rest for the 4 dogs. They actually get so excited when I say that we are going in the gardens. Out there, they are really quiet and take in all the nature sounds, smell, and sights.

We started making changes to the cabin and the Camp. We painted the cabin a few years back to keep the carpenter bees from drilling holes though the pine wood. The ramp to the cabin was never good for either of us because it was too steep. When it was wet, it also was very slippery. Plans were set in place to build a small porch or deck like the old pictures of cabins in the forest and park furniture/ building design book that I have.(1)

By travelling and reading about places and styles, I gleaned a few ideas and had others inspired by this information. The ramp had to go and the Lost Lake had to have a new liner so we decided to do both at the same time. Over a years’ time, we collected more ideas and items for the cabin and lake. In the meantime, I started subscribing to the CABIN LIFE magazine and found more things I wanted to incorporate. It occurred to me in the year of planning, collecting, and waiting, that I could focus more on an idea I had a few years back-practice for the real thing.


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