Kemo and his new home

Friday was Kemo’s checkup at the vet’s and the news is not that good; however, his quality of life is the important thing. It is difficult to say if you do one thing that another will not happen as a result. To operate on the tumor on his gum may include the jaw bone and that doesn’t give a good quality of life.

It may prolong his life but he will not be happy. There are other issues too with his age, etc. Kemo stayed overnight so his new foster Mom, maybe his new adoptive Mom if it works out, could come him the next day. He was happy and spunky and had that bright corgi look to his eyes.

For however long God allows him to be with us all, that is how we’d like to continue to see him. His new foster Mom will see to it that he has the best of care and is happy. We are grateful to her for her love!


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