Looking at the picture at the top of the blog posts page, you’ll be carried into the past. It’s a beautiful picture of a simple country lane. One of my favorite memories is staying at The Farm. Lining the entrance driveway were big trees.

The Farm continues to be my siblings’ great memories, too. This was our grandparents’ home for may years. It was on a hill and overlooked a few acres of lawn. I have the story on my website.

We spent many a summer there for a few weeks at a time enjoying the peaceful life and lazy, hammock days. Traveling to VA, I’ve seen this seen repeated many times while I visited the historic homes and plantations there. Perhaps one of the best, long country roads is the one to Oatlands in northern VA, south of Leesburg. It’s one of my favorites and I go back to visit from time-to time.

Pictures like this give a restful period to my day. I have a framed photograph of a tree-line country road just like this. It invokes all those memories each time and thus, it’s a fitting picture for my blog here.


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