Dogs are not our whole life…

…but make our life whole. (Roger Caras)

For us, we have 4 dogs-3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis and one American Eskimo Dog. They are our “kids”. We currently have a foster Pem, Kemo, for a few days. Kemo just had a dental to clean years of tartar and remove 9 teeth. He is much happier, though requires more tests and biopsies of a couple of tumors found.

Kemo came from a shelter and ran out of time. One of the shelter techs called our rescue coordinator to please come and get him. We did that last week. When we took him the next day for a vet check, she said he had an abcess so emergency dental surgery was done on Friday.

Please pray for his recovery so that he may live out his new life with people that really love him!


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