The Great Thing About Having Dogs

The great thing about having dogs is that they stay at 5 years old forever. This means that we can be a silly as we want and they like it. Human children are like that, too, until they get older and don’t want to be bothered with that silliness. I love it.

From almost the time I got Velvet, I’ve been calling her ‘velVET’ with the accent on the second syllable. She comes well when I call her. Who wants a name that has the ending fall off? When you say, Velvet, like the word for fabric, that is what happens. It’s the same with my name, Susan…

So we have a lot of fun with the corgis who have this impish, clownish look and they like it. I’m always making up conversations. That I imagine the corgis would be having.

Recently, the monsoon-rains have come with 2-3 inches and heavy rain. Velvet does not want to go out and will stubbornly refuse until she can’t hold it any longer. Emily would do that, too, and sit or stand, hold her head in a stiff position and say, “I won’t go, I won’t!”

Glenn said that is just what Velvet did in the heavy rain on Sat. and so on. The corgi girls look delicate but…

Now, Corky has his own stubborn tactics. If I call him from the front patio, he will think about it, as corgis do, then decide he is NOT going to come in. Glenn just leaves him out there. No wonder Glenn is not Alpha.

With me, Corky knows that I’ll come and get him. He lies down thinking it will be hard for me to get him. Not so. I hook him to the lead and pull him a couple of inches and he gets up and comes in. He does say he can’t win with me.

Then we come to the all-out conversations, which Glenn laughs about, that discuss a topic of the day. More on that later.

BTW-Velvet’s new Red Velvet coat in French Couture goes just right with her name, ‘velVET’. It’s warm with batting inside and has a nice lining. She loves it.

Velvet's new red velvet coat.

Velvet’s new red velvet coat.

IMG_0708 (2)

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You’re Beautiful. I love You.

I just love corgis. They are very good companions to us here. Over all these years, in good and bad times, they are still our constant companions. I never thought I’d enjoy them as much as I do. If it weren’t for Glenn, I’d never have a dog.

When I retired, he said that he always wanted a dog of his own, and I guess he thought I would just fit this in my plans. I talked to my late mother then and I was surprised that she thought it would be good for me, too. Perhaps because I still had empty-nest-syndrome from the last child leaving home. She was right.

After a year of research on the breed and for a breeder, we got Corky. He is still here today by the Grace of God, after almost losing him in 2011, and having had 2 back-to-back surgeries. It all was worth it to save his life. And, that’s what it is all about. Love.

Then there is the old age and losing them. It was extremely sad, and still is, when Emily passed away in August. The blessing of God granting the gift of Velvet in Sept. is still amazing. She’s done much to help us find peace and laugh again. The three are good together and it’s so calm here now.

Velvet or Corky or Ginny come up to me and I look them in the face and say, “you’re beautiful. I love you”. God made such beautiful creatures. Look how they are made-their eyes, furry eyelids, ears, smiles, soft fur. It’s all good.

Thinking back to the Bible and the mention of dogs, I wonder how the people felt with their companions in the home (no mention of cats that I can recall). That God would think of us enough to create pets and helpers, that is interesting. What were they fed? Did they help tend and herd the sheep then?

For thousands of years there has been many dog lovers. Corgis have been around for 900 AD to 1100 AD, depending on the breed of corgi. It’s no wonder that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has been a corgi lover since a child. They aren’t for everyone with their stubbornness and shedding, but they are for us.

Tonight, when Velvet hopped up my bed to sleep, I looked at her and said,

“You’re beautiful. I love you.”

She licked my hand and curled her feet under her ready to go to sleep.




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Velvet, now an Official Canoe Corgi!

When we got to the launch, we gave a memorial to Emily. You can read about that here:

We managed to go canoeing before it rained again. Velvet approached the canoe warily (look at her feet). She put her brakes’ on. LOL This is the new canoe vs. the old one that we practiced in on land. Maybe that’s why.

Velvet before her first canoe trip today.

Velvet before her first canoe trip today.


I got in the Glenn put Velvet in with no problem. She was quiet and still from the start to the end. Velvet was the best corgi we tried on their first trip! Velvet kept looking left and right to take it all in and sniffed the cool, woodland air. Occasionally, her ears went up as she heard animals.




Velvet enjoying the ride.

Velvet enjoying the ride.

Even the Canadian geese ahead of us, which took flight, didn’t scare her. Singing “Row, row, row your boat…” kept her calm. Later, I sang less and less as Velvet got used to riding. We were amazed that she picked up her training fast and remembered the paddle.

Paddling a little helps my frozen shoulders so I like to do some. We went over a mile then back. I hope to start at the southern end next time, 4 miles or so down, to see what that looks like. The launch here is great. It’s shallow and much safer than the Medford Twp. park. That ramp is precarious and I can’t go again.

Large wasp nest!

Large wasp nest!

Velvet stayed in the canoe and did not jump out upon landing. She enjoyed the ride greatly and yawned 3-4 times on the return. That showed that she was relaxed. (Emily used to fall asleep at the end.)

Glenn gets tired and we all take a siesta…a very good day!


Shallow launch





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Velvet, Our New Girl



It’s been 2 weeks since Velvet came to us from OK. I got another allergy-cold a few days later and just got over it. Since she arrived we’ve been learning about each other. For one thing, Velvet is tiny and slipped through the front patio gate halfway when I spotted her.

“Velvet come!”

That call got her to back up and come in. Whew! The first order of the day was then to put a second fence inside the permanent one from the short ex-pen. Then I thought that she was jumping over the kitchen gate inside but she actually slips around it near the door frame. Out on the deck last week, Velvet wanted to go under the wooden bench, through that narrow opening, and off the deck. The result was for Glenn to put some lattice there to prevent her from doing that.

Some adjustments were made for other things, such as my high bed. We put the large ottoman back in my room and she just hops down on that and again to the floor. It’s less strain for her and I don’t have to worry about her getting her back hurt. Then there is the food and other things to find out what Velvet likes.

I did some small training for basic things and she gets that fairly well. With her great temperament, she has a lot in common with Emily but otherwise she is her own person. Velvet is a wonderful friend and starting to become another Best Friend here as we bond together.

While we still miss Emily immensely, Velvet is allowing us to heal from that loss. She fills us with happiness and gives us smiles. Velvet can’t get enough love, belly rubs, and ear skritches either. Corky and Ginny like her and things have been much more calmed, quiet, and peaceful.

Velvet is beginning to form her own habits here and find places to go. I couldn’t find her the other day and she was laying on the ottoman in my quiet bedroom. Corky and Ginny have their own places to be alone, too. That was nice to see as I know that Velvet is happy here.

Velvet resting in Garden Room after pushing everything else off the bench.

Velvet resting in Garden Room after pushing everything else off the bench.

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A new Girl and Goodbye to a Boy

On Sat., Sept. 20, I took Mr. Eskimo to meet with the Eskie people, ERU, of MD. It was heartbreaking to say good bye. Mr. Eskimo was originally rescued to go to Iowa Eskie Sanctuary but I couldn’t get transport and MH wanted him to stay. He never got along with Corky, our male Pem, and should have gone sooner. With Emily gone, there is no Alpha to control the boys. I am hoping he is much happier in the future. Today it was very peaceful here so it was for the best.

Our new girl, from Diane Myers, Celtic Corgi Rescue, flew in from OK later in the day. We didn’t plan it that way on the same day but perhaps this is how God does things. God blessed us with a red headed tri girl who was a family turn-in when the owner died. She is a tiny corgi of 18 lb. compared to our 30 pounders. It still amazes me that we have this very loving little girl who has a wonderful temperament. Ginny is okay with her and Corky loves her.

Oh! A happy family at last!!! After a very sad year, especially in July and August, and with Emily passing away, we never thought we’d find a wonderful girl again. But God has blessed us with Velvet and Diane. Diane sent her to us as soon as possible knowing how broken we were over Emily. Velvet is a therapy for us and I’ll train her to hear for me over the coming year. She’s a smart cookie!

I showed her the dog door today and Velvet went in and out a dozen times to the back patio. Corky stayed out there and watched her. Very funny. Velvet spent today exploring her new home, gardens, and resting with us. We’ve fallen in love again.

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Funny Girl Emily

Time to think of the funny antics of corgis. Emily was serious in the following concern but I always got a laugh from it. I thought of this today when seeing a door here with nose prints about 6” up from the floor…

Each time I went in the bathroom, I just pushed the door closed instead of into the door frame. Noticing my absence from the room, she’d push the door open a little bit and I’d just see her nose and muzzle. Most times she’d find I was okay and go back but never closed the door. 😉

Sometimes I’d say, “You can come in and get your water.” Only then would Emily come in and get it. She really was serious about where I was and HAD to find me to see if I was all right. Cute and I laughed to myself each time.

When I got her at age 3 ½ she would jump over the kitchen dog gate. It’s about 32”, I think. Emily would show up wherever I was and I was shocked. I later found out that the former owner said that Emily would jump over the partition in the run outside the kennel. There was another girl corgi she wanted to visit.

Outside here, Emily did the same thing for about a year or so when we had the 2-foot ex-pen around the front patio. Later, when older, Emily would still search for me. In fact, up to the time she passed away, she looked all around her until I was found if I stepped out of the room.

I have no doubts, then, that Emily will find me when I get to Heaven. 😇

Philly Area Corgi Picnic 2012. Emily was walking but resting and walking more. Here she was watching the 'kids' in the ex-pen

Philly Area Corgi Picnic 2012. Emily was walking but resting and walking more. Here she was watching the ‘kids’ in the ex-pen

The 'kids' in the ex-pen being watched by Emily, the Alpha of the pack.

The ‘kids’ in the ex-pen being watched by Emily, the Alpha of the pack.

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Emily May 22, 1999-August 27, 2014

Emily passed away during her sleep. I wrote 3 parts about her last year on her blog:

She was my beloved Service Dog for 12 years. Glenn and I are extremely saddened.

Emily in 2008.

Emily in 2008.

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