Emily May 22, 1999-August 27, 2014

Emily passed away during her sleep. I wrote 3 parts about her last year on her blog:


She was my beloved Service Dog for 12 years. Glenn and I are extremely saddened.

Emily in 2008.

Emily in 2008.

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A Great 4th of July After All!

Hurricane Arthur left in time for us on the East coast to have our picnics. The weather was an enjoyable high 70’s vs. the oppressive heat and humidity if the past 3 days. Though there were some gusts, most of the aftermath-winds were gone.

Fortunately, the eye of Arthur was over the Atlantic Ocean. Though it came a little closer than projected, it still was not as bad as some hurricanes; it was not massive. Not that usual that we have one this holiday as most are later in the season.

Glenn did all the grill cooking of hamburgers and hot dogs and cleaned up! He gets an award for that. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandsons helped greatly. Our neighbors came and we had a small picnic but very easy and a pleasant time. I do appreciate to capstone of the holiday today!

I’m thankful for nice neighbors and a great family, as well as, our freedom to enjoy each either in America. It’s the best country in the world.

Happy Birthday, America!

Enjoy some of our garden pictures…

Asiatic lilies and coreopsis.

Asiatic lilies and coreopsis.

Oak leaf hydrangea.

Oak leaf hydrangea.

Young rabbits. This one is always relaxing out in the gardens!

Your rabbits. This one is always relaxing out in the gardens!

Repainted front-patio gates.

Repainted front-patio gates.

Hostas at the Lost Lake.

Hostas at the Lost Lake.[/caption

[caption id="attachment_872" align="alignnone" width="300"]Re-done front of garage. Re-done front of garage.

Side bed yellow 'Stella d'Oro' daylilies.

Side bed yellow ‘Stella d’Oro’ daylilies.

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How does he do this? The paddle is long and yet he holds it on top... Ouch, my shoulder.

How does he do this? The paddle is long and yet he holds it on top… Ouch, my shoulder.

We are recovering from a 4-mile canoe trip yesterday. Of course, Glenn paddled the full length and I paddle intermittently…😉 it was very long but good, except for hitting the tree trunks with my NEW canoe!

You are toast, Glenn! Then, he had to get out and pull the canoe over them… It was one tree with 2-3 small trunks across the full length of the creek. The canoe was not damaged except for a little wear…😄Way too long for me though… I’m sure that Emily enjoyed part of it and the rest she slept until the rude awaking on the tree-WUMP! (I sent a Park Maintenance Request for those trunks…)

One thing about this creek, and its branches, is that it’s slow-moving, cedar water. The color does hide obstacles but is nice. It’s an old, meandering waterway that goes through the Pinelands.
Our county has spent a lot making and upgrading parks all along Rancocas Creek from the Delaware River to Whitesbog, the beginning of Brendan Byrne State Park, a distance of 14 miles. We have not done that last 3.3 mile piece yet but in July are the fierce, biting pine flies in the Pinelands so we may have to wait.

Glenn doesn’t know what it’s like to be bit with them!! Nevertheless, we’ll check that out eventually. Here are some links: http://co.burlington.nj.us/1000/Parks-Systems-Map
http://co.burlington.nj.us/948/Historic-Smithville-Park Click on the right, sidebar for PDF of PARK BROCHURE. Next, we’ll do, for a total of 1mile, from Smithville to a canoe rest-stop in Smith’s Woods. Good enough, right Emily? This is all 10-15 min. away from us. We are in WESTAMPTON Twp., Rancocas Village, right next to Rancocas Creek but nearer to the Delaware River.

One of the old houses here. Most now being bought by government due to high-flood area.

One of the old houses here. Most now being bought by government due to high-flood area.

Shady most of four miles...

Shady most of four miles…

Emily naps until...WUMP!

Emily naps until…WUMP!

Very quiet, peaceful, and smells good, too!

Very quiet, peaceful, and smells good, too!

There are no launches here as this is wide and not canoe-safe. We should go and visit all the parks to see the Wildlife someday, though. Glenn loves it here because we are right at the door of a canoe launch. He’s gone many times with friends and family.

Though tiring, I need exercise, too, and it is a very short walk with my cane to the canoe launch. Glenn helps me in and out. I can only paddle a short time, rest, switch arms, paddle, etc. Very peaceful and quiet on our creek… until next time, I’ll recuperate today. Besides, it’s my 66th birthday and we may go out to eat later…
Many thanks, Glenn, for taking me- and I do forgive you for that tree hit!

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A Good Day-June Fun

Like when we were kids, the end of June was time for fun and relaxation. We retired and work all year on the house, garden, and projects. Come the end of June, and the high-heat days, we slow down. Well, we still, water, weed whack, spray, etc. but not the heavier stuff and many activities here and elsewhere.
While we’d love to go to the Philly Area Corgi Picnic on Saturday, we have to give that up until we get a large vehicle. With 4 dogs squished in the Toyota, it is hard. Mr. Eskimo has to be in a crate as he hates being in the car. We have other things to do for the summer so we will get back to that later.
The BIG thing today is that we got to try out my new RED canoe at Smithville County Park! I wanted a new one as the last 2 seasons the aluminum canoe leaked in the bow-just where Emily is on thee cushion and my feet are. I wasn’t a big leak but getting worse and Glenn’s repair didn’t seem to fix it as he couldn’t get under the aluminum support there.

In lieu of me travelling, I used my money for a new one and it came on Tues. This is a lake and slow-water canoe while the other is for more rapid water so we will keep both. Glenn’s is a used one with some dents under the front as the man used it on the Delaware River and probable ran into rocks in Washington Crossing area where he lives. It still was okay for out slow water and lakes but tie for a better one that doesn’t leak!

This has 3 seats and more and is nice for us. Today we took it to the lake, which we hadn’t gone to before, and Sat. we hope to go on the Rancocas Creek from the same park. I haven’t been on that portion but Glenn has many times. It is 4 miles so I hope Glenn has had enough muscle strengthening for that. (He goes whitewater rafting in Pa in July and is trying to work up his strength. A little more garden work should do it, right? LOL)

There was a nice landing there and parking close by. Emily cannot walk now and uses her cart so we brought that. She donned her life jacket and we put here on her cushion and she laid there as usual. We were very pleasantly surprised that Emily loved it more in this canoe- the sides are lower and held herself up to see!! WOW!

I couldn’t believe the difference in her. Here front legs remained standing on my feet as we went around the lake. Emily looked all around. We saw and egret and many water lilies. People were fishing on the 4-5 docks and that was nice, too.

I can’t have my good camera in the water but the other on got a couple of shots. Since we had a rainstorm last night, the humidity was less oppressive. Though partly cloudy, we didn’t have the full sun on us either. It was a good day.

New canoe! Saranac Old Town from LL Bean- ON SALE, too. (It was a one-day, online sale and I grabbed it-saved $120.)

New canoe! Saranac Old Town from LL Bean- ON SALE, too. (It was a one-day, online sale and I grabbed it-saved $120.)

IMG_0244canoe outside

Emily when she first got in the canoe

Glenn in back- I took this picture without looking or turning around

Bridge and pathway around lake

Fishing Pier-there are 4-5 of these

I lifted her up to see and she stayed there all around the lake.

I lifted her up to see and she stayed there all around the lake.

Most of the lake is covered with these. They call the open areas Water Pathway.

Most of the lake is covered with these. They call the open areas Water Pathway.


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The Lush Garden

Being outside in the spring and summer, I always think of my parents. We used to share when our flowers and plants came out and have to visit each other just to see them. We did it all the time and for many, many years. Immediately I think of emailing or telling them that this or that flower is out. They are not here for me to tell now and I want to share…


It was in July 2007 that Dad passed away and in April 2011 that Mom passed away. I miss them and sadness still comes and goes…

I had a dream of Mom last night, and I don’t usually dream of my parents (or grandmother, Pastor Nesko) but sometimes I do. She came back to get a pie crust from my freezer to make a pie. I then said …well, how about your rolling pin, do you want that back? Then I realized her house was gone and said to her that all was gone now and where are you staying? She didn’t know and said it was complicated to come back with all the stuff scattered now…then I woke up.

I was thinking of her making peach pies and sending Dad over her with some for us yesterday while preparing her potato salad recipe. Guess that’s why I dreamt of her and pie. I do think of them sometimes more than others and will always miss both of them very much. Mostly, it is when I look at what they liked here when I am outside.

Right before Dad died, he came here one last time and said that the gardens were beautiful and “lush”. I looked at them recently and all is full and green, then I said to myself, “lush”…
Today I ordered more plants for their Memory Garden in back. I ordered more oriental lilies the around Dad’s Japanese maple and 3 clematis for a tall post near the read patio. They are red, white, and blue in memory of Mom who loved them and was a Navy WWII vet. She was proud of this and belonged to the Women Vets of NJ. She’s buried in the Veteran’s Cemetery in No. Hanover Twp., NJ

Dad was proud of being a WWII Navy vet, too. He was buried in his Navy uniform and my brother picked out a beautiful veterans casket with American Eagles at each corner. The both had military funerals. I think that I plant a couple of white lilies in Dad’s family plot at the headstone.

The gardens here are now “lush” and my hope to see my family and dear friends again in Heaven is “lush”, too. I bet Dad has a lot of gardenias and Mom has a lot of clematis vines. Oh! She’s making peach pies again, too!

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Emily is 15 today!

Emily's birthday party-What did she get? Her fav: frozen yogurt!

Emily’s birthday party-What did she get? Her fav: frozen yogurt!

Please go to Emily’s Blog to read more…


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Gardening and Your Health

Much has been written on this subject all of the Internet and in books. I’ll just share a few ideas of what I’ve done over the years-PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. When you find out that you have a certain disease of condition, this doesn’t always mean you have to give up gardening or whatever it is that you love doing. It does mean that you have to sit down and think about HOW and WHAT you will do.

It’s helpful to make a 2-column list for yourself. On one side you can list what you do now and on the other side list what you will NOT be able to do later. For example, I found out definitely at age 29 that what I was experiencing since my late teens was indeed arthritis. It was evident on the x-rays that spurs of my back indicated osteoarthritis.

This was in the late 1970’s and I started planning for the future as much as possible. The first things that I did in the 1980’s was –WHEELS. Yes, wheels on everything. I still do this here. Don’t lift it, but pull or push it. I got a plastic trash can with wheels on first then carts, wagons, etc. Be on the lookout for books and information on gardening, handicapped gardening, etc.

In planning the garden design at my homes, I planned on smooth surfaces around the house, no steps, and ease of maintenance. In 1996 we moved to our current home and I designed the brick walkways for walker and wheelchair use all around the house. Now that I am in my 60’s and use a walker, I am glad that I did. Our one corgi also has a walker (cart) with 4 wheels and is pulled around on this walk, too.

Here is one of the useful things that I found in 2001 from the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech website. (Each state has one at a college or university and they share a wealth of usually free info.) The title of this downloadable, 2-page PDF is:
GARDENING FOR HEALTH: ARTHRITIS PUBLICATION NO.426-062 (It’s useful for other health problems, too!)


Whatever kind of health that you have, it is important not to give up, to live your life doing the things you want, and as much as possible.

Brick walkways make life much easier for us!

Brick walkways make life much easier for us!

Garden tools in the basket under my walker seat.

Garden tools in the basket under my walker seat.

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